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I thought this was cool

Put your winamp(or whatever music player you have) on shuffle and list the first 30 songs that play:

1. Black Bullet, kidneythieves
2. The Asshole Song, Jude
3. Ballad Of A Fallen Angel, Cowboy Bebop
4. The Last Day, Evanescence
5. Precious Things Rabbit In The Moon Mix, Tori Amos
6. Ever Fallen in Love, Pete Yorn Shrek 2 Soundtrack
7. Who Invited You, The Donnas
8. Material, 50 Cent
9. Don't Cry [Original Version], Guns N' Roses
10. Healing Vision (Angelic Mix), Dance Dance Revolution
11. Drunk Again, Reel Big Fish
12. Barbie Girl, MxPx
13. I Would Walk 500 Miles,Proclaimers
14. The Chronic, Dr Dre
15. Not The One, Offspring
16. Like Suicide, Sound Garden
17. Out Comes The Evil, Lords of Acid
18. I Am a Rock , Simon & Garfunkel
19. Understanding, Evanescence
20. DateRape, Sublime
21. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town, First Edition/Kenny Rogers
22. Send the Pain Below , Chevelle
23. Watermelon Crawl, Tracy Byrd
24. Something's Gotta Give, Sammy Davis, Jr.
25. Ring My Bell, Anita Ward
26. Special, Garbage
27. Start The Commotion (Put Your Body In Motion), The Wiseguys
28. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor, Jimmy Buffet
29. Eyes On Me (Techno Mix), Final Fantasy 8: Faye Wong
30. Dust In The Wind, Paul Simon and Garfunkle
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Why you ask

I wanted a place for ppl to meet and post what ever random thoughts come to mind. Post movie quotes, stuff about video games, poetry. The boundaries are limitless, just have fun :)
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